• Brass is BACK!

  • Hoarder or Planet Saver?

    I've always been someone looking to make this earth a better place. I can remember this going back as far back as the 1st grade. It was the end of the school year and I had all of these papers and books that were to be "thrown" away. Though I was only 7 years old I found it hard to believe all of these papers were to go into a landfill. Living in Brooklyn at the time, New York City did not have a recycling program implemented yet. So I decided when I gathered enough papers I would ask my parents to bring me to a recycling plant, somewhere... Looking back at this now I realize how this has always been a passion to me. I'm not a hoarder, saver, collecter or whatever negative connotation comes along with this, I am a PLANET SAVER! Yes, I save stuff people would look at as trash, but when they see what I've transformed it into they are amazing. And then I find them copying my ideas and using them in their own lives. Yes, this makes me happy *insert smiley face* and helps make our planet a better place. I will be posting some of my stories here , so be sure to come back to check them out! Want to see a cute one? Check these upcycled jars out!

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